New Submissions

Journal Compositions

The Beyond Boundaries digital journal will publish 4-6 articles of original student research, and up to 9 media or literature reviews.

The digital journal will be published annually during the Fall semester. The Beyond Boundaries website will also welcome submissions including, but not limited to, artwork, music compositions, spoken word, and video. 

Digital Journal Submission Guidelines

Article Submissions

  • Manuscripts should be no more than 8,000 words in length. 
  • All manuscripts should include a 100 – 150 word abstract.
  • Manuscripts following the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), American Psychological Association (APA), or Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting styles will be accepted. 
  • Manuscripts following the Chicago Manual of Style should contain footnotes, not endnotes.
  • Students may only submit one manuscript per review cycle.

Media & Literature Reviews

  • Beyond Boundaries will accept and consider solicited and unsolicited Media and Literature Reviews for publication.
  • Media and Literature Reviews should be between 500 – 800 words.
  • Media Reviews should include the following citation at the beginning of the review: Title, Directed/Performed by First Name Last Name, Location: Studio/Distributer, Release Year, medium.
  • Literature Reviews should contain the following citation at the beginning of the review: Title, by First Name Last Name, Location: Publisher, Year, Page Range, Price. 
  • CMOS footnotes and APA/MLA in-text citations are both acceptable in reviews. 
  • Students may only submit one review per review cycle.

General Formatting

  • All submissions must follow the following general formatting guidelines:
  • Font: Times New Roman.
  • Font Size: Twelve-point font.
  • Spacing: Double Spaced.
  • Margins: One Inch.
  • Cover pages are not required for submissions.

Website Submission Guidelines

Website submissions will be reviewed by the editors, as well as reviewers from students’ respective departments, on an individual basis.


Any M.A. COLFA students who are currently enrolled or have graduated at UTSA within the last 18 months prior to submission deadline are eligible to submit research for consideration. Please contact us for more information.

Submission Guidelines are subject to change between now and the next issue. Stay up-to-date by following our social media pages and checking our website for updates!